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CCA Oregon is an advocacy group for salmon, steelhead and other Northwest marine fish species.  Our Job is to give a voice to this precious resource that cannot defend itself against harm.  Since 2007 CCA Oregon has developed into the most effective and far reaching fish advocacy organization in our state's history.

We are not just a fishing club.

We employ professional staff (lobbyist, executive director, regional fisheries director) that carry out our work while we are at our jobs.  The model of "Member Driven" comes from 40 years experience in 18 coastal states.  The heart of our "fish politics" work is the Government Relations Committee (GRC).  The GRC is a small group of Oregon CCA Members who are extremely knowlegeable in the history of fish politics in the Pacific Northwest, the here and now, what is on the near and on the far horizon.  They know and understand the people in the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission, the Oregon Legislature, the Tribes, and many Federal agencies who influence our PNW fisheries.  The GRC works and collaborates with many "fishing Clubs" who have like interests.

The GRC has the pulse of what most CCA members want, and the GRC analyzes and makes recommendations to the Oregon CCA Board of Directors.

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CCA Oregon Protecting and Enhancing our Hatcheries is a Key Priority.

CCA Oregon has made protecting and enhancing our hatcheries a key priority.  In the Pacific Northwest, our salmon fisheries depend on hatcheries to mitigate for habitat loss and provide fish for harvest. Unfortunately, these hatcheries are often threatened by a lack of funding and attacks from anti-hatchery activist groups.  In Oregon, we’re taking both threats head on.

Leaburg Hatchery Funding Update

We have an encouraging update in the effort to save the Leaburg Hatchery from closure.  As you recall, the final budget reconciliation bill (HB 5050) provides $1.35M for ODFW to operate Leaburg for the next two years.   Thousands of CCA members, anglers, and other citizens sent emails, made phone calls, testified and met with legislators in support of securing this funding for Leaburg.