Welcome to CCA Oregon | Resource-First, Science-Based Advocates


CCA Oregon is an advocacy group for salmon, steelhead and other Northwest marine fish species.  Our Job is to give a voice to this precious resource that cannot defend itself against harm.  Since 2007 CCA Oregon has developed into the most effective and far reaching fish advocacy organization in our state's history.

We are not just another fishing club.

We employ professional staff (lobbyist, executive director, regional fisheries director) that carry out our work while we are at our jobs.  The model of "Member Driven" issues executed by our volunteers and professional staff has shown to work here, as it has for 40 years in 18 other coastal states.  The objective of CCA is to conserve, promote and enhance the present and future availability of these marine resources for the benefit and enjoyment of the public.  CCA Oregon draws its strength from the grassroots support of thousands of state recreational anglers who make up it's membership.

Together we work at the state and national levels to represent the interests of the sports fisherman.  Local chapters and their members identify issues affecting fisheries in their areas.  CCA Oregon works to develop and maintain ample sports fishing opportunities by ensuring that our fisheries are abundant and robust.

We are politically engaged and driving vital changes in policies that will positively affect our fisheries for years to come.  By being involved in policy making, working with policy makers, and changing laws in the legislature that are vital to sustainable fisheries, CCA Oregon is fighting for your rights.   The CCA model gets results.  We have more CCA members serving on advisory committees and rulemaking boards around the state than any other group.  Our members are shaping fishery policy every day.  You can help our fisheries by joining CCA and getting engaged with your local chapter.

CCA Oregon's noteworthy accomplishments:

  • Leading organization that is driving the ban of destructive gillnetting on the mainstem lower Columbia River.
  • Established selective recreational angling as the management priority for the lower Columbia River.
  • Maintaining hatchery fish for harvest.
  • Addressing and educating the public on predation issues that include Sea Lion and Cormorants.
  • Protected the nearshore ocean fisheries from sweeping arbitrary closures.
  • Supporting local marine law enforcement
  • Initiated scientific studies e.g. hatchery impacts on wild stocks


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CCA Oregon’s Approach to Willamette River Salmon and Steelhead Issues

CCA Oregon has fielded numerous questions and concerns following last night’s Willamette Salmon and Steelhead Recovery Coalition event.   CCA Oregon chose not to participate in the coalition or last night’s event due to concerns about the active involvement of groups who are actively advocating for the end of hatchery programs in the Willamette River basin.  Unfortunately, our concerns were confirmed during last night’s event.    

Support on the Columbia River Reforms!

This month we have kicked off a new campaign to defend the Columbia River Reforms to remove commercial gillnets off the Lower Columbia River.  As you may know, we are nearing the end of a two-year extension for commercial gillnetting for the fall season that was granted in the 2016.  That was the year gillnetting was to stop on the Lower Columbia River after a long transition period which saw anglers paying an additional fee to set up off channel terminal areas for commercial fishing.  The off-channel areas are a success, but commercial interests are continuing to push to repeal the reforms

ODFW/WDFW Mismanagement of Columbia River Fisheries

After years of frustration with failed agency implementation of the bi-state Columbia River fishery reforms, recent actions by ODFW/WDFW staff should alarm anyone who cares about the conservation of Columbia River fisheries and transparency in fisheries management.  If you are concerned about the [mis]management of Columbia River fisheries and efforts to undo the Columbia River gillnet reforms, please visit CCAoregon.org and CCAwashington.org to learn how you can help.