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On Saturday, January 14 the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 7-2 to adopt a package of changes intended to continue phasing in the Columbia River fishery reforms, including the move away from non-selective commercial gillnet fisheries.

The Oregon Commission already voted to block the implementation of the reforms in 2017, but is set to take up the issue again this Friday on January 20 in Salem. Please do everything you can to attend this critical meeting and CLICK HERE to send the Commission and Governor Brown a pre-drafted email urging them to adopt Washington's compromise changes (please personalize the subject line and text of the email to increase its effectiveness). You can find the agenda for this Friday's Oregon Commission meeting HERE.

Click HERE for suggested talking points.

Thousands of us must take a stand at this critical time - please forward this to your friends and family and ask them to take action!

More Background:

You can find the press release from Washington's Commission outlining its changes HERE.

The most controversial change would allow for an additional two years of fall gillnetting in a section of the mainstem Columbia River (Zones 4-5) to deliver on economic commitments to the commercial industry - a key compromise of the original reforms. While we are concerned about the continued gillnetting, Washington would require close monitoring of these fisheries and push the continued development of selective commercial fishing gears during that limited time period. Selective fisheries are critical to efforts to protect endangered salmon and steelhead and maintain hatchery production.

Washington's changes would also deliver on critical increases in recreational fishing opportunity, which was a key aspect of the bi-state plan and the $9.75 Columbia River Sportfishing Endorsement fee created by Senate Bill 830.

The Oregon Commission has heard from thousands of Oregonians - sportfishers, environmentalists, and legislators on both sides of the aisle - urging it to honor its promises and the agreement it reached with Washington four years ago. Unfortunately, thus far the Oregon Commission has been focused on delivering massive increases in the profits of the gillnet industry. In fact, the gillnet industry proposal would leave gillnets in the river year-round and increase their profits by 66%.

We can't let this happen!



Thanks to all the CCA members who took time to send emails and attend the November 9 ODFW Commission meeting in Salem to urge ODFW to honor its promises on the bi-state Columbia River gillnet reforms.  Unfortunately, the proposals coming out of ODFW would gut the reforms to INCREASE gillnet industry profits by 50-60 percent.  Help us hold ODFW accountable by taking three easy steps below.
In testimony before the Commission on November 9, CCA Oregon urged the Commission to honor the major tenants of the bi-state compromise plan, including ending non-selective commercial gillnetting in the mainstem Columbia River.  In recent months, it has become clear that the Commission is being heavily influenced by gillnet industry advocate Bruce Buckmaster, whose appointment to the Commission by Governor Kate Brown generated significant controversy last year.
Last week, CCA helped author a 
coalition letter to Governor Brown urging her to step in and keep her promises to implement the plan.  We are also working with legislative leaders and reaching out directly to the public to put pressure on ODFW.       
However, we need your help!  Please take these three steps to help hold ODFW accountable on the Columbia River Reforms:

1 - Click here to send a pre-drafted email to Governor Brown and your state legislators asking for their help – consider personalizing the email to increase its effectiveness!

2 - Plan on joining us in Salem at the State Capitol at Noon on Monday, December 12 for meetings with State Legislative leaders.  Please let us know if you will be able to attend by emailing to

3 - Forward this email to all your friends and family.  Ask them to watch our latest 30-second video and send the pre-drafted email to Governor Brown and their legislators.

CCA is also working in Washington to defend the bi-state gillnet reforms, where unlike in Oregon we are hopeful that the Commission will stand by the bi-state reforms.  If you have friends in Washington State, please forward them this email and ask them to visit the
 CCA Washington website to send a pre-drafted email to their elected officials.



1 - Send a personalized email to the ODFW Commission urging them to honor the gill net reforms -

2 - Send a personalized email to Governor Brown urging her to keep her promises to implement the plan -

Talking Points for both Emails are available HERE.

3 - Plan on being in Salem on Wednesday, November 9th to let the ODFW Commission know that it can't go backwards on gill nets!  4034 Fairview Industrial Drive SE (directions).

4 - Share this page with your friends and urge them to become a member of CCA Oregon to help defend these critical reforms! Join CCA Oregon HERE.



"Getting Gill Nets off the Columbia River" tells the story of the environmental impacts in the use of commercial gill nets on the lower Columbia River, and the continuing fight to implement already agreed to reforms. These reforms are intended to stop the use of commercial gill nets in the main stem of the river in order to protect the 13 ESA listed endangered runs of Salmon and Steelhead that migrate through it to get to their spawning grounds in up river tributaries. Heading into the final phase of the implementation of these reforms, to replace gill nets with more selective and sustainable methods of commercial fishing, the gill net industry and a few public officials continue to fight against what's best for the fish. Help support these reforms and fight for the fish. Give them a chance to make it home.

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