The Leaburg hatchery is once again at risk.

Monday, May 13, 2019

The Leaburg hatchery is once again at risk.  Anti-hatchery activists are resorting to false claims to oppose state funding of this valuable hatchery.  We need you to CLICK HERE to send your state legislators a pre-dafted urging them to fund ODFW’s continued operation of the Leaburg hatchery.     

Last year, CCA led the successful effort to secure one-year of state funding for ODFW to continue operating the Leaburg hatchery after the Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would be closed.  The Leaburg hatchery, located east of Eugene and constructed to mitigate for the impact of federal dams in the Willamette River basin, is critical to the future of our fisheries - including efforts to increase production of Willamette River spring Chinook.  It would cost as much as $100 million to construct a new hatchery to replace Leaburg, which is in excellent condition and enjoys a plentiful water supply.

 Leaburg’s hatchery programs are operated in compliance with all state and federal laws, including protections for ESA-listed salmon populations.  Despite this, anti-hatchery organizations are using false claims to oppose continued funding of this hatchery in the legislature.   

 We need your help to urge our legislators to fund the Leaburg hatchery and the many benefits it provides our state, including fishing-related jobs and economic activity that generate tax revenue for the state.