Why are Banquets important ?

CCA is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, and is completely dependent upon

donations of cash or merchandise for all financing.

Each local chapter puts on an annual fundraising banquet. All profits from these banquets stay in

Oregon to fund statewide operations, while the standard membership fee of $25 goes

to CCA National.

The price of a banquet ticket barely covers the costs of putting on the event, such as

rental of the facility, the food, the auctioneer, ticket printing, one year's CCA membership,

and so forth.

The fundraising success of banquets is dependent upon:

• Donations to the banquets of merchandise as prizes for raffles, silent auctions, and a live


• Willingness of people to attend the banquets, buy raffle tickets, and bid on the numerous

auction items.

The profits from these banquets fund everything necessary for CCA Oregon to

operate, and pay for expenses such as:

• Lobbyist and lobbying activities.

• Executive Director and staff at the state office.

• Computers, postage, telephone, and other office expenses.

• Communications including Action Alerts and monthly e-Newsletters.

• Printing of literature and periodic print newsletters.

We thank everyone who donates merchandise and attends chapter banquets, and helps.