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What's in it for me?

Do you fish for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, rockfish or other marine fish? Around 500,000 Oregon fishermen do. Banding together is essential to bring about real conservation based change. 

How will you benefit from being part of CCA's successful team, with only a $25 annual membership?


Political clout derives from a large membership and intelligent, knowledgeable, and active leadership. Fisheries issues are political, and CCA Oregon wages the political battles on behalf of fishermen in four arenas.

Oregon State Legislature

CCA maintains an effective state legislative lobbying and legal presence year around, both during the legislative sessions and throughout the rest of the year in one-on-one meetings with lawmakers.

Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission

CCA's lobbyist and volunteers testify frequently throughout the year at Fish and Wildlife Commission meetings.

Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department

CCA's volunteers interact regularly with Fish and Wildlife department leaders and staff.

Fish and Wildlife Advisory Committees

Numerous CCA members are actively involved in nearly twenty different advisory boards and commissions that provide advise and counsel to the Fish and Wildlife.